Hi, I am a Filipino Freelance Web Designer and Developer.

Free Website For Non-Profit Organizations

Here’s a free website design for Non-Profit organizations being offered by Codes Work Soft – a Filipino  Freelance Web Designer and WordPress Developer.

Free Website for Non-Profit organizations

If you are a Non-Profit Organization who needs a website, I can create a website for you totally free. I’ve been a freelance web designer for some NGOs and I find it rewarding to help them. This is a 100% free wordpress website design and development offer that I do.

If your organization meets the criteria below, send me a message and I’ll discuss the project with you.

Criteria to Qualify for this Free Website

  1. Must not promote animal cruelty
  2. Must not promote or endorse any political party or person
  3. Must not promote pyramid schemes etc.


  1. You must have your own domain. (e.g. www.yourname.com )
  2. You must have your own hosting account. None? Get it here.

* These requirements are essential to start your website. If you have no idea about these, I can guide you. I can setup everything for you. Unfortunately, this is not something that I can provide for free 🙂 But don’t worry this is something that’s easy to obtain.

Why Free? Really?

I am a Bhakti Yoga student. Since I started,  I became closely involved with non-profit organizations and eventually became active in different outreach and other programs to help people understand life and its complexities. I joined feeding programs, educational outreach, worked for fundraising and more…

This free services that I am offering is part of my goal to help organizations whose purpose and goal is to uplift our fellowmen’s lifestyle. When I say free, I am offering my time to build you a website without a single peso to ask you. This is something that can help you further your purpose and widen your area of operations – an I’ll be willing to give you a hand.

Send me a Message

Just complete the requested information below. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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