Hi, I am a Filipino Freelance Web Designer and Developer.

Do not Waste your Travel Photos. Earn from Them.

For someone like me who works from home, travels and escapades are luxuries. It’s not that I am not really going out – I’ll look like a vampire if that’s the case. It’s just that I am not really a travel person. I take vacations but I don’t do that weekly or monthly. I know I’m […]

Working from Home

Hire a Freelance Web Designer Working from Home

If you are decided to hire a freelance web designer working from home, you are at the right place. I recently decided to work from home as a full time freelance web designer and wordpress developer. The setup is working for me and I am confident that I can deliver the services my clients need. […]

How to Properly Start a Facebook Shop

In the Philippines, it is good to find an extra income by selling online. It is because usually, an average salary of an average employee is not enough to actually cover all the expenses or we can’t really save anything at all. This is where selling things on facebook becomes en edge. But although this […]

How to Start a Travel Blog. What do I Need?

In so many reasons, everyone loves to travel. Go mountaineering, visit beaches, check out cultural places and lots fly to different countries to visit famous places in the world. If you are one of them, wouldn’t it be great to have your blog about all your travel and escapades? Why should you blog? Make good […]

The web is not dead

The Web is not Dead. It’s Shifting, Getting Sexier. Really?

The Web is not Dead. I find it really hard to understand why people started to think that websites are coming to an end any time soon. The Web is not Dead. It’s just shifting, getting user-oriented. There are reasons why this questions surface; Mobile applications are getting very popular Social media networks (e.g. Facebook )built […]

Web Designer or Developer

Is it good to be a Web Designer or Developer?

A college student might ask you, Is it good to be a Web Designer or Developer? And all I can say is yeah, I’m doing it you know. The fact is, I can’t really speak for these guys. They are asking me something without letting me know in what aspect are they asking the question from. Technically, […]

Pokemon Go Pokestops in the Philippines

Where to find Pokemon Go Pokestops in the Philippines

Here’s a good list of the best Pokemon Go Pokestops in the Philippines. With the recent release of the pokemon go game in the Philippines, most of the Filipinos has been hooked on the game. Even before the game was released in the country, a lot of pokemon-master-wannabes are downloading unofficial apks. Although the game […]

How to Stop Windows 10 Updates?

If you are one of those windows users who took advantage of the Windows 10 free upgrade, then I’m sure you are also in the same situation. Windows 10 is a good thing since t’was free but the only thing that I really hate about it is that I can’t properly schedule the updates. Have […]